The Package Coalition is a diverse group of retailers, ecommerce companies and business organizations formed so policymakers can hear directly from businesses about the importance of preserving competitive USPS package delivery services.

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In 2022 Congress passed the Postal Service Reform Act, boosting the postal system's capabilities to serve as an economic lifeline for small businesses and Americans nationwide. Among many important benefits, the legislation codifies the Postal Service’s integrated delivery network: mail and packages delivered together, 6 days a week.

Delivering to every zip code in the nation, the Postal Service's package delivery is especially critical to small businesses and rural America. In many rural and remote communities, the postal system is the only affordable option for package delivery, including prescriptions, medical necessities, home goods and more.

The Package Coalition supports fair competition in the package delivery business and recognizes that a growing and profitable package delivery business is necessary to help financially support universal postal services to all Americans. While we support improvements in efficiency, we oppose legislative or regulatory changes that would force the Postal Service to raise its prices above market rates; forcing the Postal Service to raise its prices for package delivery services will harm, not help, Main Street businesses and consumers.


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