Package Coalition Celebrates Postal Service Reform Act Signed One Year Ago

Washington, DC - One year ago today, after receiving overwhelming bipartisan congressional support, President Biden signed the Postal Service Reform Act (PSRA) into law. As a result, the U.S. Postal Service continues to provide dependable delivery services for Americans, and it remains a vital pillar upholding the U.S. economy.

“Last year, policymakers set out to help modernize and bolster a bedrock institution in America: the U.S. Postal Service. With the swift passage and signing of the Postal Service Reform Act on April 6, 2022, the House, Senate and the President did just that,” said Package Coalition Chairman John McHugh. “By ensuring mail and packages are delivered together, six days per week, the PSRA has enabled the U.S. Postal Service to continue to offer critical services upon which small businesses, consumers, seniors and rural Americans rely.”