Package Coalition Celebrates Signing of the Postal Service Reform Act

Washington, DC - Today, President Joseph R. Biden signed the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act into law. The new law will support vital mail and package delivery for American consumers and businesses across the country. The Senate and House of Representatives provided overwhelming bipartisan support to the legislation before sending it to the desk of the President. 

“The Postal Service Reform Act is sorely-needed to preserve the affordable and reliable delivery services that Americans have come to rely on so deeply,” said Package Coalition Chairman John McHugh. “It is a testament to our institutions that the House, Senate and the President were able to rally around this critical piece of legislation, which will enable the Postal Service to continue its vital work for American businesses, consumers, seniors and especially for rural Americans. The Package Coalition is forever grateful for all of the hard work and careful consideration from House and Senate co-sponsors and from President Biden that secures mail and packages delivered together, six days per week.”

In a recent analysis, the Congressional Budget Office concluded that the Postal Service Reform Act will save the federal government $1.5 billion over 10 years.