Package Coalition Commends Senate Resolution to Support U.S. Postal Service

Washington, D.C. - The following is a statement from Package Coalition Chairman, Secretary John McHugh:  

“The Package Coalition commends Senator Booker and all the other Senators who cosponsored the Resolution in support of the Postal Service continuing to provide prompt, reliable and affordable universal service to all Americans while avoiding undue and excessive price increases. The resolution is also an important call for Congress to appropriate funds to offset lost revenues during the COVID-19 emergency. The Package Coalition has previously called upon Congress to provide emergency assistance for emergency needs, and the Coalition opposes policy changes that would force the Postal Service to set package delivery prices above competitive levels. The imposition of a package tax would not help the Postal Service and would instead harm American small businesses and consumers who need and rely on affordable delivery services now more than ever.” 

About The Package Coalition

The Package Coalition is an alliance of America’s top retail, e-commerce and logistics companies committed to preserving reliable and affordable postal package delivery services. The Postal Service delivers packages directly to the doorstep of more than 157 million delivery addresses across the country, contributing trillions of dollars to the US economy and supporting millions of jobs and small and medium sized businesses. For more information on The Package Coalition, visit and follow us on Twitter @PkgCoalition.