Package Coalition Statement on USPS Task Force Recommendations

Washington, D.C. - Following the release of the White House USPS Task Force Recommendations, Package Coalition spokesperson John M. McHugh issued the following statement:

“The Package Coalition is concerned that, by raising prices and depriving Americans of affordable delivery services, the Postal Task Force’s package delivery recommendations would harm consumers, large and small businesses, and especially rural communities.

"We are particularly concerned with the proposals to limit access or increase prices on package delivery services -- directly or indirectly by changing costing rules or forcing USPS to create a separate package business -- which would needlessly reduce efficiency and force the Postal Service to raise prices.

"The Postal Service’s package business is a bright spot that is growing and profitable. In 2017, postal package delivery services contributed a $7 billion profit to the U.S. Postal Service’s overall bottom line — a result of USPS’ unparalleled ability to deliver packages to more than 159 million points of delivery, seven days a week.

"We look forward to working with Congress and other policymakers to support and sustain reliable, affordable postal package delivery services for all Americans."

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