Package Coalition Urges Senate to Pass Postal Reform Act for Rural Americans, Small Businesses and Seniors

Washington, DC - After a 74-20 cloture vote, the United States Senate will schedule a vote on the Postal Service Reform Act (S. 1720). If passed, the bill would support vital mail and package delivery for American consumers and businesses across the country. 

“The bipartisan co-sponsors of this bill have shown incredible leadership ushering this legislation towards a vote because they know the critical role the Postal Service plays for rural Americans, small businesses, seniors and the economy at large. American consumers and small businesses have come to rely on the service’s unrivaled six-day integrated network, which this bill codifies into law to ensure reliability and affordability is not disrupted,” said Package Coalition Chairman John McHugh. “The Package Coalition thanks the Senate co-sponsors and supporters for getting this common-sense legislation to this point.”

If passed, the Postal Service Reform Act would codify the Postal Service’s six-day integrated delivery network, keeping mail and packages delivered together. The bill also maintains the efficiencies, affordable prices and universal service that is already so critical to Americans.  The Congressional Budget Office concluded that the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act will save the federal government $1.5 billion over 10 years.